Project Description

This branch was composed of 5 glass montaged workstations, 1 private office, 3 answer stations, stools and CPU slings for the teller line, and lobby seating. Bank of America is a busy facility and needed to stay completely open and operational through the duration of construction. We were able to achieve this by installing 1/3 of the bank at a time. We would do the installations and furniture swaps on nights and weekends to accommodate the functioning branch. With this bank situated on a small lot in San Francisco, our biggest obstacle was the parking for unloading/loading the furniture. But that didn’t stop us! The all glass montage stations are very sharp but typically take several hours and several men to install. With double pained glass, each piece must be washed twice through out the installation process to ensure no finger prints left behind. The most exciting part about this branch, was the design. Most Bank of America branches are uniform. However, 4th & Brannan branch being in San Francisco and near the Giants stadium got a special Giants themed lobby!